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Does anyone still read this? [Mar. 31st, 2006|12:14 am]

Hey guys. Sara Crawford, here. As most of you probably know, the plans for Mixtape really went by the wayside. Adam and I have been working on different projects, and it seems that this project is now without a director. Or anything really. Actually, it's not even a project. It's only a screenplay, now.

But, I have revamped the screenplay, and I am now in search of a new director or production company to pitch the project to. I would really like to get this film out there.

Let me know if anyone is still interested and if anyone knows of any directors who are in search of a new screenplay.

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News on the project [Mar. 2nd, 2005|03:46 pm]

Hello, everyone.

Most of you have probably been wondering exactly what has been happening with the project since we postponed auditions back in October. We are definitely still planning on filming Mixtape. However, we are experiencing some major delays due to financial difficulties. But we aren't giving up!

In the next couple of months, we will be hosting several fund raising events. Our first event will most likely be a concert with some local Atlanta bands. We will be posting more information about this as we finalize all of the details.

Also, Adam will be working on a new official website for the film. We will let you know when that is up and working.

If you would like to be involved with future fund raising events, please let us know! We will be needing a lot of help from people who are willing to put time and effort into getting this project off the ground!

Thank you for all of your support and patience! I look forward to seeing you all soon!
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NOTICE: Auditions postponed [Oct. 4th, 2004|11:44 am]

Unfortunately, auditions for Mixtape have been postponed to a further date that is to be announced. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and we look forward to seeing you at a later date.

Please refer back to the website for a future announcement of audition information.
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New Musical Coordinator [Sep. 17th, 2004|05:02 pm]

I thought everyone here would be interested in hearing that we have officially brought on a Musical Coordinator. Danyael (danyael) is a member of the Atlanta band The Unadored, and he also produces material from his home production facility. See The Unadored's website for samples of his work. Sara and I are very excited about bringing him into the project because we all share the same ideals and quality expectations for this film.

For those who get cast with a musical role Danyael will be the one to lead rehearsals and help you with any sonic difficulties you have. He will also be pivotal in writing several of the movie's plot related songs. These songs are different from the narrative related songs that we culling from submissions. Submissions generally cannot be used for plot embedded songs because they must seem to emanate from a single creative source... ie. Danyael.

Anyways, we are lucky to have this much talent available to us. Everyone say hi to danyael!
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Finalized Audition Times [Aug. 6th, 2004|12:11 am]

Today we finalized and reserved a space and time for auditions. The response for this project has been overwhelmingly positive ,and I would like to thank everyone who has shown interest in Mixtape. Now, we can finally answer that question of all questions, "When are auditions?"

Auditions will be held in the Actor's Express theatre located in the King Plow Arts Center off of Marietta Street in Midtown. We will be holding them on the following two days:

  • Wednesday October 6th from 10am until 6pm

  • Saturday October 9th from 10am until 5pm

All participants must have scheduled an appointment in order to audition. Please pick one hour that you can spend at the theatre for example Wednesday at 2pm. We advice that you arrive twenty minutes in advance of your appointment in order to be assigned your readings. We understand that there can be obstacles to arriving on time. You will not be dropped from the roster if you are late, but you will be asked to audition in the next hour with another group.

Here's how auditions will work. All the actors are required to bring a resume and a photo of themselves (head shots are preferable but we know as actors ourselves how this can present difficulties). Each hour a small group of around 15 actors will begin the process. The audition will consist of cold readings, a non-verbal exercise, and anyone trying out for a singing part must sing a prepared musical selection of their choice. Musical selections must have an accompaniment CD or tape or be a capella.

Here's a quick reminder of the character list.

The following characters each play musical instruments:
Leon (guitar)
Tommy (guitar)
Roger (drums)
Bassist (um... yes)

If you wish to audition for any of these roles except Roger, please bring your instrument to the audition and have a piece ready to play. Drummers may bring a practice pad or a tape of them playing a single song.

Directions to the Actor's Express theatre will be provided when you call to schedule an appointment. Since the auditions are in October we will call to confirm your appointment two weeks before the actual date. We can't wait to see everyone there. We'll be working hard to get everything set up for our wonderful actors.


EDIT: Auditions have been postponed. Please check back for future announcements regarding audition dates.
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[Aug. 2nd, 2004|01:48 pm]

Hello, everyone.

Mixtape is progressing well. We are approaching the final revisions of the screenplay, and we are now trying to set up an audition date. The audition location will now possibly be at Actor's Express theatre in Atlanta, but that is not finalized at this time. We are planning on having auditions sometime at the beginning of October.

Also, we greatly appreciate the efforts of those who have helped with marketing recently. If you have put up any flyers, please let us know, and we will give you a "special thanks" credit in the film. If you would still like to put up flyers, you can find them here. (If you don't live in the metro Atlanta area, you can help us by advertising for musicians with this flyer.)

Recently Adam and I discussed possibly having an informal gathering--possibly dinner or something like that--just to get to know anyone who would like to work with us on the film. (Especially anyone who is interested in working behind the scenes). Is that something that you would be interested in doing?

Thank you for all of your support and efforts so far! I am very excited about working with everyone.

Also, please take a moment to fill out this poll, if you are interested in auditioning.

Poll #329965 Mixtape Audition Poll

Which day(s) would you be able to attend auditions?


Which works best for you?


Actors: Which would you prefer at auditions?

Cold readings
Prepared monologues
either one

Are you planning on auditioning for a musician part (this includes singers)?


If so, which instrument will you be auditioning with?

Other (please specify in comments)

Once again, which role are you interested in auditioning for?

Leon (guitarist)
Tina (vocalist)
Roger (drummer)
Tommy (guitarist)
Other (please specify)

Any other questions/comments you'd like to add?

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Marketing [Jul. 23rd, 2004|05:26 pm]

The production staff and some lovely volunteers (thanks Kayesha and Taylor) went out and put up flyers all around Atlanta this week. If you go to one of the major colleges in the Metro area you can probably find our flyers. We also put them up everywhere in little five points, so if you're near the Star Bar or Junkman's Daughter try to spot us.

If you'd like to help us promote the film in the Metro Atlanta area you can put up our flyer too! It is available for download here. Any postings are helpful, but we find that flyers such as this have the most impact in areas around theatres, college campuses, movie houses, coffee shops, and any other hang out places for young adults. It would be especially helpful if someone could post a few in local bars. We haven't been able to make a bar run yet.

If you don't live in the metro Atlanta area but still wish to promote the film, we have a flyer asking for music submissions. It would be extremely helpful if any of you want to print out a few of these and put them around your town, especially if you live outside of Georgia.

Although we have been thinking of holding auditions in the first weeks of October, if the reaction to these flyers is great we may be convinced to move that date forward. Just a little incentive. Thanks in advance to anyone who decides to help us out.
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20% of funding locked in [Jul. 19th, 2004|11:44 am]

[Mood | optimistic]

I have some very exciting news! I just got off the phone with a woman named Susan Zoller. She taught at my International Baccalaureate Program. Apparently she is quite the film enthusiast and had considered gaining a masters in film studies. When she heard about all the work we've put into Mixtape (thanks hottubwithxena) she became interested in contributing.

Typically individual investment is cute (cute being something you call small and precious items), but with Miss Zoller's contribution we now have 20% of our final budget locked in. So please, on the off chance that she visits this site, leave a thank you for an individual who has made the Mixtape experience much easier.

Thank you Susan Zoller.

-Adam Trimble

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A quick update on Mixtape [Jul. 19th, 2004|01:46 am]

The screenplay is still in editing and coming along well. It should be completely finalized within a few weeks. I am looking forward to having the final product, and I am very excited about the progress we are making so far. Also, if you would like to see a more updated/detailed character list, please click here.

We have changed the name of our production company from Top Hat Productions to Infinite Films. We also have a new e-mail address if you need to contact us. If you have any questions, suggestions, comments, or just feel like telling us about yourself and what you plan on doing with the project, you can e-mail us at We will also be promoting the website soon with flyers and other advertisements to get more people involved.

Also, if you haven't taken this poll yet, please do so. We would really like to get to know everyone and how they would like to help with the project.

Thanks for all of the support!
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An update on the status of the project [Jul. 12th, 2004|01:23 am]

Hello everyone.

First of all, I would just like to say that I am extremely excited about this project. The response we have gotten from everyone so far is incredible, and I am delighted to see how supportive and excited others are about getting involved. I am sure this will be a wonderful experience for everyone.

As you all read, I was beyond ecstatic to have completed the first draft of the screenplay. Adam and I are in the process of editing at the moment. After the screenplay is completed I may have some more extensive character information available for everyone. After our first editing session today, Adam and I were both very excited about the film.

At this point, we are fairly certain that auditions will be the first two weekends in October. Auditions will be cold readings of scenes from the screenplay. We will ask all musicians to prepare a short song for the audition, and we will ask all actors to prepare a monologue and possibly a song. I will most likely have perusal copies of the scenes that are going to be read available before the audition. We would also like to meet and speak with anyone who is interested in helping out behind the scenes at this time. We will be posting more definite information on the audition as the date approaches. (This is a tentative schedule.)

Also, I should inform you that the role of the bassist has been filled. Adam (tmbgman), the director/co-producer, has decided to take on the role. I am looking forward to seeing his portrayal of this character.

Thank you so much for showing your support! I am incredibly excited to be working with all of you in the future.
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